Racial Equity Alliance

Revealing Hidden Innovative Minds

Why We Exist

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An innovation landscape that is inclusive of developing creative talent and empowering wealth pathways for people of color regardless of challenging lifestyle experiences, disadvantaged educational background, and/or socio-economic status.
To build sustainable social and economic impact within communities of color by facilitating inclusive innovation and talent development that leads to actionable professional and entrepreneurship opportunities. We build immersive campus facilities inclose proximity of neighborhoods thathave limited innovation advancement resources and/or experience tech-enabled education disenfranchisement.
BIPOC cultural  impact is highly illuminated by early adoption and subsequent over indexing consumption within the digital innovation landscape. Conversely, BIPOC communities significantly under index in leveraging our innate talent to create the technology platforms and products to meaning fully share in the parallel economy. Future  job opportunities and entrepreneurial endeavors suggest this dynamic must change now.

Over Indexing the Digital Universe

Immersive Experiences

Racial Equity Alliance

Industrial Bank and The Marathon Fund have collaborated with Inncuvate to engage communities of color in a proactive initiative to empower their untapped innovation skills. We believe many of our best and brightest innovative minds are hidden in plain sight. REA is committed to being a catalyst in unlocking these talents for the world to embrace and benefit.

E5 Equation

A fast pace lineup of mini cohorts and interactive courses that uniquely introduce aspiring youth, transitioning adults, and existing founders to the innovative thinking and transformative technology underlying their consumer, professional, or business interests
Virtual Worlds - eSports - Web3 - Construction Tech - Mobility / Aviation Tech
1. Tech-enabled skills for jobs including creative and graphic design, game design, UX design, web development, and animation

2. Entrepreneurial pathways and mentorship thru Inncuvate VentureStudio and Marathon investment teams
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E5 Equation

Inncuvate Community Development Partners (“IDCP”) is a 501(c)3 community development organization committed to unlocking and mobilizing the creative innovation capabilities of economically and/or educationally disadvantaged youth and young adults within communities of color. We accomplish this by providing a connective platform to wealth advancement that leverages their existing consumer proclivities and user proficiencies with the underlying technologies.Our community-based campuses blend will create professional and entrepreneurial career on-ramps by engaging collective Experiences that are familiar, provide connective Exposure to the related technologies, and offer related technology Education and  expert mentorship enabling an actionable pathway for  participants to become impactful change agents of the future. Our E5 platform blends virtual and on premise worlds and features emerging consumer technology-based experiences that highly correlate to cultural lifestyle consumption that statistically over-indexes within the entertainment, digital media, and financial sectors. We then provide user-friendly connectivity to the underlying technology tools and infrastructure that drive those immersive activities, and finally to the career path options that participants are now empowered to pursue beyond the Inncuvate experience.

About Industrial Bank and The Marathon Fund

Industrial Bank is the oldest African American-owned commercial bank in the Mid-Atlantic region focused on supporting and educating customers on how they can achieve their financial goals and create wealth.

The Marathon Fund is a seed-stage equity fund managed by expert professionals who embrace the diversity of talented innovators historically underserved by the private capital market ecosystem.

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