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Prince Georges Community College Center for Entrepreneurial Development and Training

Inncuvate is applying the entrepreneurial method to PGCC assets in order to increase local community economic development impact and contribute to/improve PGCC’s financial position. To that end, Inncuvate is currently working with the PGCC CEDT to transform its organization and operations to a fee for service innovation hub. Inncuvate developed the business case and roadmap and has started on the first pilot project which is a coding lab.

University of Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (MTECH) Corprenect Program sponsored by the Technology Economic Development Corporation of Maryland (TEDCO)

Inncuvate helped create the Corprenect program which is focused on engaging more large corporations in the Maryland entrepreneur ecosystem. The goal is to help Maryland corporations connect with entrepreneurs in the State of Maryland to accelerate innovation and streamline the process of engaging with innovators to advance technologies, services, and solutions. Inncuvate provides support in all phases from the corporate reverse pitch to the selection of promising innovations that will be introduced to the corporate’s venture capital program and other relevant entities.This was awarded as part of a Maryland TEDCO Incubation Challenge Grant. 

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Bowie State University Ignite Tech Program working with the Maryland Center at Bowie State University and the NSA Technology Transfer Office - Ignite Tech is an experience where students are paired with National Security Agency (NSA) innovators to conduct market research, customer discovery and brand technologies through partnership with the NSA Technology Transfer Office and the Scalable Partnerships Assessing Research Commercialization (SPARC) Program. Inncuvate manages the program and is responsible for targeted mentoring and resources to accelerate success. The goal is to scale the program and provide it to more Universities.

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COMING SOON - Inncuvate Commons - Inncuvate Commons is startup studio and incubator of proven incubator programs that supports local economic development. As a community resource, it provides impactful individuals and organizations the resources to realize their ideas for a better Prince Georges County. Inncuvate Commons fosters a creative and collaborative environment in Prince Georges County, Maryland which creates meaningful ways in which professionals, entrepreneurs, change-makers, and nonprofits can come together to make meaningful and lasting impact.