Ideas from the Trenches.

This idea originated from working with one of my partners as we are trying to build a company in the lottery industry... 

Inncuvate’s from Advanced Degree to C-Suite Program

We believe that the C-suite members of high performing technology start ups are often believed to fit a certain profile and demographic. Often times founding CEOs with great ideas fail in execution because they are not able to assemble the right team, (early on) that is capable and available to devote the right amount of time and attention to the company at this critical phase. A different approach, which is more sustainable, is to complement a company’s founding team with the talent that is graduating (or recently graduated) from our area schools. This talent is fresh, optimistic, and equipped with the latest business thinking.  We truly believe that if you equip this talent with the right network and support system they are more than capable of leading our next generation of innovative companies. 

Inncuvate Consulting, a technology based economic development firm in Maryland, is looking for the right recent MBA and advanced degree graduates to join the founding team and eventually the executive ranks of a Inncuvate partner new venture technology based start up. This candidate will be trained during the remaining stealth mode prefunding process and positioned as the CEO or COO upon the acquisition of funding. The chosen candidate will be invited to join the founding team and be provided shares of equity as a part of the role of in working the company at this early phase. This will become a paid position with a compensation package that will include additional shares of equity as the company progresses. This candidate will be surrounded with the resources and network of the founding team as they move from early start up to a mature high performing company. 

We are looking for recent MBA graduates. Software Development, Management Consulting industry experience preferred. Previous experience as a business or technology analyst/consultant is also preferred. MBA graduates with 1-2 years’ experience at a Consulting firm are strongly encouraged to submit their resume for consideration. 

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