A Innovation Manifesto For Prince Georges County Maryland

A uniting vision for building an innovation economy

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Before launching into the manifesto it is useful to set its context. This manifesto is not to imply that innovative activities or innovative people are not doing great things in Prince Georges County but there needs to be a systematic view driven by a uniting vision that shifts the culture towards one that inspires vibrancy, trust, collaboration across those activities and people. This will ultimately transform the economy, the community and accelerate the ability to meet the plans set forth in previous studies such as the Plan 2035 and the Prince Georges County Economic Development Strategic Plan. What has to happen to create a vibrant sustainable economy and community in the County is well documented. What is needed is the the community’s collective energy connected and focused on these objectives. What is also needed is a platform to connect and share these stories of innovation so that others can see where they fit in and join.

This manifesto starts with eleven belief statements as a summary. Each of these statements will be further discussed in subsequent posts. This is a collaborative effort and all are welcome to comment and contribute constructively. The secondary aim of this manifesto is to shed light on all the existing activities occurring that are in line with these beliefs. Please feel free to share your stories, thoughts, and insights in the comments section. This is the start of a larger effort. All who are interested are welcomed to join this journey.

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Inncuvate’s from Advanced Degree to C-Suite Program

Often, founding CEOs with great ideas fail in execution because they cannot assemble a strong, competent team capable of devoting the necessary time and attention during a business's most critical phase. A smart solution for this problem is to equip a company’s founding team with the talent from the pool of graduates and recent graduates from our area schools. This talent is fresh, optimistic, and armed with the latest business thinking. We truly believe that if you provide this talent with the right network and support system, they can lead our next generation of innovative companies.

We are looking for the right recent MBA and advanced degree graduates to join the founding team and eventually the executive ranks of an Inncuvate partner, a new venture technology-based start-up. This candidate will be trained during the remaining stealth mode pre funding process and positioned as the CEO or COO upon the acquisition of funding. The chosen candidate will be invited to join the founding team and be provided shares of equity as a part of his or her role in working with the company at this early phase. This will become a paid position with a compensation package that will include additional shares of equity as the company progresses. This candidate will be surrounded with the resources and network of the founding team as they move from early start up to a mature high performing company.


We are looking for recent MBA graduates. Software Development, Management Consulting industry experience preferred. Previous experience as a business or technology analyst/consultant is also preferred. MBA graduates with 1-2 years’ experience at a consulting firm are strongly encouraged to submit their application materials for consideration.

Skills Required

  • Interest in entrepreneurship and the desire to be immersed in a truly entrepreneurial environment
  • Exceptional leadership and teamwork skills
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to apply understanding of business fundamentals to build a company
  • Aptitude for performing multiple roles in a company
  • Technology expertise and insight to support implementation of a technology solution
  • Some evidence of achievement related to the above


Application deadline is June 15, 2016. Non-Disclosure agreements will be provided to the candidates down selected to begin the interview process in June.