Inncuvate was founded as more than just another consulting company but an technology based economic development company. Economic development from the sense that we deliver services focused on connecting the dots and creating an ecosystem that is inclusive and transform communities.

The Inncuvate venture studio truly looks to develop products and solutions to meet some of our national challenges within healthcare, transportation, energy, and government.  We believe in helping to shape and refine ideas in addition to partnering with clients to provide them the expertise and discipline to bring their ideas to reality.

We Embed Ourselves with Our Clients

Our professionals do not give advice from the sidelines, we are embedded within our client’s organizations on the front line acting as on-the-ground advisers, interim leaders and/or managers. We partner and feel shared ownership of our clients' challenges. Inncuvate drives value by executing alongside our clients to help them reach their growth goals. Our teams are built specific to each client’s need and are headed by industry veterans partnered with diligent business consultants. Our people are measured on the value they create for our clients.

We provide structured and systematic approaches

We provide structured and systematic approaches

Sample Current Engagements

New Venture: Healthcare Provider.  Inncuvate is providing strategic advice, project planning, launch support and outsourced executive support to an innovative startup in the healthcare space. The startup, is using technology to implement a unique process improvement for scheduling and receiving payment for specialized medical procedures. Inncuvate has developed the company’s strategic vision, business model, technical requirements and is managing the application development process.

New Venture/Government Contractor Solutions: Woman Owned Small Business Consultancy. Due to the continuing drive for expanded access to Federal contracting opportunities for woman owned businesses, Inncuvate is providing business development and capability development support to a startup woman owned consulting firm focused on the public sector. The principal founders previously worked for a number of large consulting firms and have a combined 50 years experience. They wanted to form a boutique differentiated firm to leverage that experience to capture federal small business set aside opportunities. Inncuvate has developed the company’s business model, capabilities and pipeline of opportunities.

New Product Development: Health Sciences Company. Inncuvate is providing idea development and market analysis for a biomedical research and biodefense research support services company in order to productize and scale the company’s unique niche capabilities. The company is looking to expand into related practice areas and diversify its current portfolio of clients. Inncuvate conducted a rapid assessment of the company and is providing guidance on a smart growth strategy with an associated pipeline of opportunities. Inncuvate is also providing capture support.

Government Contractor Solutions: Health IT Consultancy. Inncuvate is providing capability and service offering development to a provider of information technology & management consulting services for government healthcare organizations. The company develops solutions for population health management. Inncuvate is working with the company to build its brand and consulting practice.

Technology Consulting: National Non Profit. Inncuvate is building a technology transformation roadmap for a national non profit. Constrained by donor dollars and special program directives the non-profit needs to optimize their current IT spend and focus on technologies that are scalable and directly aligned with the non profit’s core mission. Inncuvate is helping the client increase discipline in IT service management and re-evaluating current IT contracts.

Technology Consulting: Transportation Agency. Inncuvate is currently acting as trusted advisor to a transportation agency CIO supporting organization activities such as technology assessment, strategy, budgeting, implementation, solution design, systems development, systems operations, and security.  Inncuvate is helping the client develop its transportation digital ecosystem.

Inncuvate is committed to co-creating and helping our clients identify breakthrough opportunities for growth whether it be by creating a new capability or product, making distinctive and substantial improvements to their current capabilities, or positioning current and new capabilities in order to participate in the government economy.

Technology Scouting & Transfer

We see technology transfer as a combination of art, science, and process in which marketable technologies are identified, analyzed, developed, and evolved into future products and services. This requires structure and discipline in practice in addition to a commitment to collaboration.

Technology Scouting – We are able to locate novel technology or new advances by small firms, university experts and government scientists in response to our client's product development needs.  Our clients provide us with their key areas of interest, and we provide alerts on new products and technology advances in line with their interest.  We track small firms, new patents, university advances, research grants, technical and trade journals, and competitor developments, among other things. Our goal is to provide insights into key technology developments before they become widely known. Upon identifying interesting technologies, we continue with an in-depth investigation and market analysis. Our market analysis laser focuses on the key factors will enable growth.

Technology Transfer - We offer a suite of tailored services to support clients interested in the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program and the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Program.  SBIR/STTR are federal government initiatives that provide billions in grants and contracts each year for small and start-up companies to develop new or enhanced products and services based on advanced technologies. We have a number of subject matter experts on SBIR/STTR and can provide support through all three phases:

  • Program Overview & Training
  • Topic Search & Matching 
  • Phase I - III Proposal Preparation Support
  • Grants and Contract Management
  • Accounting
  • Business Integration
  • Commercialization Plan Development

Inncuvate sees the value of SBIR and STTR for small and start-up companies to create new products based on bleeding edge technologies. We are deeply engaged in these and other tech-based economic development programs. We provide value by structuring and tailoring program information and providing guidance and resources to help our clients reach program milestones. 


Management & Technology Consulting

Inncuvate works with clients to solve their most pressing business problems, from helping define and implement new strategies to optimizing and improving current performance. This ultimately transforms their organizations. Our consulting services helps drive transformation across all levels. Business Transformation and IT Transformation has become popular vernacular but the definition of these terms are inconsistent. We start with helping clients establish a vision of how they create value and how technology acts as an enabler. We couple that with communication strategies and support to help get key stakeholders on board. We see transformation as something broader than a specific initiative or project.

Management Consulting Services

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Performance Management
  • Organizational Transformation & Change Management
  • Leadership Development & Coaching
  • Project & Program Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Marketing & Strategic Communications
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • IP Commercialization
  • Interim Management

Technology Consulting Solutions

  • Technology Assessments & IT Strategic Planning
  • Infrastructure Optimization & Cloud Computing
  • IT Project and Program Management
  • Risk Analysis, Contingency Planning, and Disaster Recovery
  • Information Security
  • Enterprise Application Development & Modernization
  • Quality Control and Testing Support

Inncuvate provides consulting services to private and public companies, early-stage ventures, non-profits and government agencies.

New Venture/New Product Development

We believe an integral part of any business creation or growth strategy involves the creation of innovative new products and services. Inncuvate supports clients as they launch their new business ventures and/or develop new products. We assist clients in all stages from refining the idea, defining the business model, launching, all the way to raising capital to manage rapid growth. Whether you are a first time entrepreneur bringing your vision to market or an established company seeking to launch a new business unit Inncuvate is here to partner and help.

New product development is a challenging, complex undertaking that involves critical interdependent activities and considerations, including, but not limited to:  marketing, research, development, risk assessment, cost analyses, quality, regulatory compliance, launch preparation, commercialization, cross-functional collaboration, corporate strategy, portfolio management and resource allocation. We provide the framework that will enable you to translate your ideas into new products and services and get them to market faster, better, and cheaper.  With a reliable roadmap in place, your organization will quickly and efficiently shape or respond to market trends.

We provide value added services such as:

  • Idea Development Support
  • Market Analysis
  • Business Plan Development
  • Product Planning and Launch
  • Pitch Book Development and Pitch Delivery
  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Leadership Coaching and Development
  • Board Development
  • Executive Suite Support
  • Operations Structuring
  • Business Valuation
  • Capital Raising Strategy

Inncuvate works with clients at every stage of the venture life-cycle including start-ups early-stage companies, high-growth ventures, mature companies, and even companies facing turnaround situations. Inncuvate helps early stage clients validate an idea, draft a product model, secure capital and launch operations while helping mature organizations find new sources of innovation or evaluate strategic exit options.

Government Contractor Solutions

Inncuvate helps small to mid size government contractors improve service delivery, increase efficiencies, and implement lasting and effective change by providing manageable strategies and sound advice gleamed from our principal’s previous experience with large government contracting firms. We partner to build capabilities, infrastructure, and positioning to meet small business contracting goals.

Support for Government Contractors

Inncuvate helps small, disadvantaged, and/or 8(a) businesses government contractors win government work, scale up operations to fulfill contracts, and prepare for continued success. Our skilled experts have a proven track-record in the government contracting space to achieve quick wins and long-term success. Our business development specialists work with firms across all socio-economic statuses, such as small, minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, service disabled, HUBZone and others. We help these firms build and market their capabilities, identify teaming partners, and develop winning proposals through an integrated business capture strategy.

We provide specialized services for government contractors:

  • Business Development
  • Capability/Service Offering Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operations & Compliance
  • Finance and Accounting

Inncuvate also supports firms who have grown beyond the small business designation and must now compete among large firms. Our professionals help these firms design strategies to transform the capabilities developed as small businesses into efficient platforms for new revenues. Our work focuses on optimizing cost structures to drive competitive pricing, focusing the business on areas with strong competitive advantage, and enhancing marketing and capture strategies to increase the ROI of business development activities.

The Inncuvate venture studio helps clients operate at the intersection of transformation and innovation. We focus on the current industries posed with major challenges. This demands the need for companies to deliver products and solutions that address these challenges.


Healthcare organizations are on a mission to increase patient satisfaction, lower costs and improve health. We know the opportunities and challenges created by recent legislation as the industry is in the midst of an intense transformation that will continue for at least the next decade. Organizations that can expertly manage risk while reducing costs are position to prosper as the industry makes the shift to value-based care models. Innovations need to be implemented that will help the healthcare systems thrive. There is increasing focus on the use of emerging technologies to create a responsive and data rich ecosystem that will ultimately help organizations meet the needs of the more sophisticated healthcare “consumer “rather than patient of yester and current day.

We have experience creating healthcare IT solutions and have worked with both private and public sector to transform the way technology is delivered to meet their current needs. We enable and position our clients as leaders in product development, mobility, telemedicine, and healthcare analytics.


We see innovation in transportation from smart infrastructure (intelligent streets, digital railways), automakers focus on next generation vehicles, smart mobility services, new entrants focused on high speed rail, connected vehicles, and a connected transportation grid.  This is mostly driven by the growing proportion of the population flocking to urban areas faster than the current infrastructure and capacity can support. 

We have experience implementing solutions that address the unique challenges facing transportation organizations. Using our understanding of transportation in the digital age we provide guidance on the customer and how transport providers need to operate and manage there transportation systems to meet the traveling customer’s demands. 


The energy industry significantly impacts economic livelihood, societal functioning, and overall quality of life. Fluctuating demand, constrained supply, volatile commodity prices, and changing regulatory environments are a few of the critical challenges that need to be addressed. A number of factors are leading the industry to embrace alternative energy as a solution to be incorporated into the energy provider mix. It is no longer a matter of when, it is now a matter of how much and what is a feasible timeframe.

We provide solutions and services to help companies navigate through this environment to achieve sustainable, profitable growth.


In the wake of the deep austerity facing many governments around the world we see budgets tighten across government sectors.  Leaders are faced with the challenge of doing more with less and implementing principles from more of a business mindset. Innovation is focused on supplying public services more effectively and at a reduced cost. Government bodies seeking major transformation are hampered by the existing culture, processes, and skill sets that are out of line with a technologically advanced citizen.

We work with companies to build federal market strategies and entry points, create unique federal solutions, access diverse federal contracting vehicles, understand and navigate complex federal procurement processes and identify and cultivate federal channel partners.  


The nonprofit sector as a whole has the opportunity to harness the power of innovation to improve the quality of service delivery. Many nonprofits feel innovation is a luxury they can’t afford as money and resources must be mission focused. Many feel improving the way they use technology seems out of reach. We believe there are countless opportunities for quick hit low cost solutions that can transform how, and how effectively, these nonprofit organizations meet their missions.

We provide a diagnostic and road map that can meet their funding cycles.