Inncuvate connects the innovation economy to under served communities so that more people can see where they fit in and participate. We are an innovation consultancy and venture studio dedicated to generating and growing the next wave of innovative businesses in communities that need them most.  

We transform ideas into impact while helping organizations innovate to create and seize new opportunities for hyper-growth. We are focused on building entrepreneurial ecosystems and we believe in the power of technology based enterprises as the core of economic development and community growth engines.

We deliver capabilities focused on creating new products and services on behalf of, or together with clients, from framing the idea which solves a complex problem, creating insights from research, identifying opportunities, developing concepts to designing and developing the actual product or service, through to bringing it to market. 

You need us when...

"I want to help create or be a part of an innovation ecosystem in a underserved community"


"I am looking for a technology to commercialize and build a company around or take my existing company to the next level"

"I need help with my idea for a new product or new venture"


"I want to have a well defined technology capability that I deliver to federal, state, or local government agencies"

"My existing business needs transformation to participate in new and emerging industries"


"I need help with my plans and programs for technology based economic development"

Our Structure

Each of our principals specializes in a relevant discipline that supports our value proposition, including economic development, management consulting, business banking/finance, business valuation, technology transfer, and technology consulting.

Our People

We are former senior managers, specialists, program directors, and practitioners from the top global management consulting firms, business development agencies, commercial banking and investment banking institutions. We are technologists and futurists who live by design thinking and are adept at exploring the art of the possible.

Our Approach

We deliver sophisticated and pragmatic solutions to add value to the communities we serve. Our solutions aim to create strategic market advantage in existing industries and uncontested market space in new and emerging industries

Connect with us to explore the possibilities

We would love the opportunity to share some of our ideas and explore working with you.